Monday, December 31, 2018

Imperial loft at Boerseplatz 1 in Vienna

At Boerseplatz 1 in Vienna, Austria, you can take a look and buy a 500 sqm loft with 7m high ceilings for around 10 million Euros. Includes cellar and garage parkings in the three(!) underground levels. Magnificent!

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sion solar car by Sono Motors

The Sion solar car by Sono Motors should be available sometime in 2019 for 16000 Euros plus battery. The integrated solar panels provide up to 30 kms of additional range per day in the sun. Thanks to the bidirectional charging technology, the Sion can draw and store energy and, moreover, share it too. A regular, household electrical plug (SchuKo) can be used to power all common electronic devices up to 3.7 kW. The Sion can deliver even more power when using a Type 2 plug. You will then be able to power other electric cars and heavy duty devices with up to 11 kW. Combined with viSono, the Sion can be your power plant on wheels.

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Der Besuch der alten Dame at the Josefstadt theatre

On 12/29 there was another showing of Der Besuch der alten Dame by Friedrich Dürrenmatt at the Josefstadt theatre in Vienna, Austria. Modern layout, perfect music (Strange by Grace Jones) and amazing light effects together with a literary classic and great actors creates a wonderful theatre experience!

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Convert an Android device to Linux

From Convert an Android device to Linux.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Subpixel text encoding

With subpixel text encoding you can generate 1 pixel wide fonts, that are readable on LCD screens with R, G and B subpixels from left to right.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Inter UI font family

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Unicorn costume for dogs

From Unicorn costume for dogs.

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Die Stadt von gestern

The German language book Die Stadt von gerstern is a voyage of discovery of a lost Vienna for 27 Euros. If you like Vienna, the capital of Austria, then you will love this book of long lost treasures of this beautiful city.

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Ford quiet kennel noise cancelling dog house

Saturday, December 22, 2018


The QNAP SilentNAS HS-453DX is a silent but powerful fanless multimedia NAS with hybrid storage structure, 10GbE connectivity, and HDMI 2.0 4K output, all for less than 700 Euros.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger is a South African author, politician, explorer and founder of the Ubuntu Party which supports the supply of free resources across society.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

With you can find visa requirements and document checklists for mor ethan 238 countries.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Koloman Moser at the MAK in Vienna

From 12/19 to 4/22 there is a Koloman Moser exhibition at the MAK in Vienna, Austria. Highly recommended!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Black Hole, Inc

Black Hole, Inc is the best resource for NeXTStep, OpenStep, Linux Custom hardware and software needs, an excellent alternative to the Windows computing universe, since 1993, now using a Mac to update, if you see this it is working!

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Auction block, 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hackintosh links to everything you need to build a Hackintosh and get macOS Mojave (10.14) as well as many earlier versions of Mac OS X running on an unsupported computer -- instructions, step-by-step "how to" guides, and tutorials -- in addition to installation videos, lists of compatible computers and parts, and communities for support.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is a secure and reliable remote desktop app that lets you connect to any computer, anywhere in the world.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

A road to Common LISP by Steve Losh

This is a road to Common LISP, not the road to Common LISP.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

The New Alchemy by Alan Watts

The New Alchemy by Alan Watts is an essay from This is It and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual Experience, by Alan Watts, Vintage Books, 1973, ©Alan Watts 1958, 1960. This essay was written in 1960.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


SyncthingSyncthing is a free, open source peer to peer file synchronization application available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Solaris, Darwin, and BSD.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Paragon NTFS-HFS converter for Windows

Paragon offers the NTFS-HFS converter for Windows for free.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Orbis ring drive wheel motor

From HiConsumption: the Orbis ring drive wheel motor will allow you convert an old car into an eletric car. Can´t wait!

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Sunday, December 09, 2018

Pre dented luggages and suitcases

CrashBaggage sells pre dented luggages and suitcases starting around 200$.

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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Cohencentric. Leonard Cohen Considered

Friday, December 07, 2018

The best USB-C adapters, cables and hubs

From The best USB-C adapters, cables and hubs.


Thursday, December 06, 2018

Living life as a vagabond

From Living life as a vagabond.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Sothebys sells ring entirely made of diamond

On 12/5 Sothebys auctions off a ring entirely made of diamond, designed by Jonathan Ivy and Marc Newson with an estimate of 150000 to 250000 US dollars.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Yellow Vests and I by Pamela Anderson

From Yellow Vests and I. Brain and beauty goes together well :-)

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Monday, December 03, 2018

ILTM Cannes

From 12/3 to 12/06 the annual ILTM, , the international luxury travel market, takes place in Cannes, France.

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Sunday, December 02, 2018

John Oates 1960 Porsche 356B Emory Special

From John Oates 1960 Porsche 356B Emory Special.

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Saturday, December 01, 2018

The 20 best car movies of all time

From The 20 best car movies of all time.

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