Monday, December 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung started to sell the Samsung Galaxy Note, a mobile phone/tablet with 1280*800 pixels 5.3" display, microSD slot (compatible with 64GB microSDXC!), WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, RDS-FM-radio and a pen. There are models in dark blue and white, with 16 or 32GB internal flash memory, with or without NFC, with or without LTE and even a model for Korea with built in DMB TV tuner. VNC and RDC sessions on this device are just amazing and some clever programmers already ported the Einstein NewtonOS emulator to the Galaxy Note. This might be the device, that I have been waiting for since the cancelling of the Newton project at Apple. Absolutely the best device since the Newton 2100! Biggest wow-factor! Stunning! Highest recommendation! Right now it uses Android 2.3. An Android 4 update (Ice Cream Sandwich) is announced for Q1/2012.

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