Friday, July 04, 2014

2TB 2.5inch hard drive 9.5mm high

Today I received my first 2TB 2.5inch hard drive (9.5mm high) with SATA interface. So small, yet so big! Biggest wow factor! Just ordered another four of them for replacing some old back up drives! Update: as the internal version costs nearly 150 Euros and not available anywhere, I got myself the Dell 784-BBBD Portable Hard Drive 2TB, USB 3.0, an external hard drive which includes the case, SATA2USB3 adapter and the USB3 cable, all for less than 90 Euros! Takes about one minute to open the case and remove the drive to use it as an internal drive for any computer, that accepts 9,5mm thin 2,5" SATA drives.

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