Sunday, February 20, 2011

Garmin GTU 10 PT

The Garmin GTU 10 PT a waterproof and lightweight GPS receiver with built in GSM module, so you can track the location of dogs, cars, boats and everything, that you might miss, if getting lost. Cost is less than 200 Euros, GSM roaming all over Europe for the first year is included, each additional year costs 49 Euros. Update: I hired some dogs to test the GPU 10 PT intensively over the course of a few weeks. The dogs didn´t complain about the additional weight (less than 50 grams) on their collars and the supplied water resistant bag made it easy to fix the CPU 10 PT to their necks. Battery life was between 2 days and a week of intensive use and believe it or not: it automatically sent an email and SMS alert, as soon, as the battery life was nearly over. Very practical feature! Learning all the options like setting up a virtual fence was a little counter intuitive in the beginning, but after a few minutes of trying around I was able to set it up so that the dogs were really satisfied with their new toy. My only complaint with the GPU 10 PT is with the website to track the device (and hence the dog, car, spouse...): it runs fine on a PC with a relatively big screen, but using the website on a mobile phone is next to impossible. If Garmin could build a website for small screens without flash and for low bandwidth connectivity this would be a nearly perfect device. Highly recommended, especially for dogs ;-)

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