Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple announces new MacBooks

Apple announces new MacBooks
On 10/14 Apple introduced new aluminium MacBooks with glass trackpads, NVIDIA GPUs and mini DisplayPort (dual DVI capable). The new 13" MacBook looses the Firewire port, the 15" MacBookPro gets a new casing, the 17" MacBook pro looses the low res configuration and is only available in WUXGA, either glossy or matte. The MacBook air gets a 120GB hard drive or a 128GB SSD, but still lacks an internal 3G slot. And starting november there will be a new 24" LED cinema display with webcam, mic, speakers, LED backlight, mini displayport and MagSafe adapter for powering a MacBook.
Update: no more target disk mode on MacBooks, optical drive is now SATA.

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