Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Apple announces faster Mac Pro and Xserve

Apple announces faster Mac Pro and Xserve
A week before Macworld expo in San Francisco, but at the same time as CES is happening in Las Vegas, Apple today announced their new Mac Pro and Xserve. No word on BlueRay DVD or any competing high definition DVD format. I guess they either wait for their new Cinema displays or skip high definition DVDs altogether and push downloadable high definition content ASAP.

P.S.: sorry for the huge image above. As much as I like the iPhone, but having a browser without being able to save (e.g. a picture from the web) locally to the iPhone just sucks. How are you supposed to do blogging from the iPhone? Even from my old Treo it was possible to save a JPEG picture from the web locally, and then send it to Flickr and Blogger for publishing it. The iPhone could be such a wonderful device, if Apple would not cripple it so badly. The lack of select-copy-paste and the inability of the browser to locally save files makes it impossible for me to use the iPhone as my primary and only phone. Apple really becomes the new Microsoft with tons of money, but crippled products :-(
Update: I finally managed to take a picture of the Xserve with the camera of the iPhone to mail it. Which reminds me, that I might be able to do a screen shot on the iPhone and send it via email. Complicated, but should work. But I always thought using Apple products should make life easier?

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