Friday, April 06, 2007

ElGato EyeTV Hybrid supports PAL and NTSC

ElGato EyeTV Hybrid supports PAL and NTSC
If you plan to use your portable Mac for watching TV while traveling, it is good to know, that the ElGato EyeTV Hybrid supports analog video in PAL and NTSC formats, no matter, if you bought the US or the European version. The only difference is the digital TV part, which supports ATSC in the US and DVB-T in the European version. So if you plan to watch TV worldwide it is best to buy the US EyeTV Hybrid and the European EyeTV Diversity. The US Hybrid gives you analog NTSC and PAL, plus ATSC. The Diversity gives you 2 DVB-T tuners in one USB stick, which gives you much better reception, even in fast moving trains and cars.

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