Friday, August 18, 2006

portable Macs can use internal WUXGA displays

WUXGA display Baxter Brittle had a great idea: he replaced the 1280*854 pixel display in his Apple PowerBook 15” with 1900*1200 display. As the PowerBook 15” uses a 15.2" display, he had to use the display casing of the 15.4” MacBook Pro.

The hardware modification on a MacBook Pro is even easier, as you only need to exchange the low res screen with a highres screen of the same size. Unfortunately, MacOSX does not automatically recognize the new display. There seems to be some issues with different vendor codes, that are missing from the standard MacOSX install, but with some patches this issue should be resolved soon. I really can´t wait to finally get myself a MacBook Pro 15 with internal 1900*1200 display.



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