Sunday, May 15, 2005

Treo650 let´s you turn off backlight

After having my own Palm Treo650 GSM now for more than a week I finally found out some details about it´s LCD. It definitively IS reflective, which means it´s perfectly usable in bright sunlight, just as on my trusty old Palm Tungsten W. And compared to the Treo600 you CAN turn off the backlight on the Treo650, which saves a lot of power and is totally useless in bright sunlight. So battery life of the Treo650 should be way better than on the Treo600, possibly as great as on the Tungsten W.

BTW: the missing reflectiveness of the Treo 600 LCD was one of my main reasons, why I didn´t switch completely from the Tungsten W to the Treo600. The other reason was VersaMail on the Tungsten W, which just worked great for me, whereas the built in email client on the Treo600 was nearly useless for me. I just used it for posting via email, but as my main email client on the Treo600 I used MarkSpace Mail, which was quite ok, but cannot see the email addresses in the Palm address book, if you have more than a few thousand contacts stored. So having a Palm Treo650 I think I can finally retire my Tungsten W and Treo600 now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then: HOW do you turn off the Backlight?

4:15 AM  
Blogger TeddyTheBear said...

On the right side of the "P" key there is a small blue symbol of a sun. Just press the blue key on the left side of the keyboard, then press "P" and you get a dialog to change the brightness of the backlight.
BTW: it responds to the left/up and right/down buttons, too.

8:22 AM  

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