Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nokia 770 Linux mini tablet

WVGA 800*480, WLAN, Bluetooth, 3 hours battery life, available Q3/2005 for 350$. Missing: SD slot (only RS-MMC), Infrared.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This thing rocks. Drawbacks are relatively slow CPU and 64MB ram. This means starting many bloated apps at once is a Bad Idea.

Recently bluetooth keyboard drivers are available (for the nokia kbd at least). Hope that the superior Thinkoutside Stowaway kbd (which, unlike the Nokia Kbd latches open for laptop use) will work with it.

Lastly, reports are it has no built-in microphone, meaning a headset will be required for VOIP telephony.

Summary: Great for Websurfing on the go. Geeks and Admins will use it as a thin client (ssh, vnc, nxclient) and we will see a lot of older games and emulators ported to it. A Swiss Army Knife like the Zaurus, but cheaper.

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